Positano Perfection

I don’t like to pick favourites but…This might just be heaven on Earth…Bellissimo

There are numerous ways to make your way into Positano, but boat has to be the most spectacular. Ferries leave from Salerno take you down the Amalfi coastline stopping at each small town along the way – each one more breath taking than the last.

Painstakingly picturesque, Positano has a much more ‘Italiano’ atmosphere than any other major city I visited. This is maybe because Europeans flock to the Amafi coast when Americans and Canadians flock to Italy’s big cities in the summer.

After weeks of reading and searching, I came across a fabulous hotel, Hotel Villa Franca. It was a hotel right at the top with the best view over the whole coast. Right out of a travel brochure.

I did wonder why all the hotels lower down in the cliff, were more expensive and yet mine had the better view.

Unfortunately I did not read about how far it actually was to the hotel from the ferry wharf.- those tiny hotel maps make everything look so close.

As it turned out our hotel was close but high and in reality it exceeded all my expectations, even if we were all the way at the top.

Luckily, we decided to travel with 1 piece of small hand luggage. This was properly one of the best decisions I have ever made! Luggage doesn’t roll very smoothly on cobbled streets.

While I hate sounding cliché, this near vertical coast will provide the perfect natural gym to work off the pasta and bread that you will inhale- because you will be eating a lot of it, breakfast lunch and dinner. Of course most hotels, especially those higher up the cliff, provide shuttle buses every half hour door to door.

We learnt about the bus towards the end of our time there, which I like to think was a blessing in disguise

The pastel hued houses and pink bougainvillea painted the backdrop for my favorite activities- shopping, eating, sipping, boating, and most importantly people-watching. And I could people watch all day!

Where to munch

Da Vincenzo

Viale Pasitea, 178, Positano

This family owned and run restaurant was suggested to us by an older retired gentleman from New York City who lives in Postiano 50% of the year and it didn’t disappoint

Try the stuffed capsicum…doesn’t sound like much but it is…and more

Where to sip

Hotel Villa Franca

Viale Pasitea, 318, Positano

Our hotel had great cocktail hour drinks, as well as free canapés. We would end up sitting there for hours, meeting a range of people. For me, getting to know the bartender was wonderful, learning about his family and life that he lives in Positano during the summer and then back in a small city with his family for the rest of the year.

Cocktails to order:

Mojitos and Bellinis

Down on the water, you can rent 2 chairs and and umbrella for about ten euro for the day. Floating in the water and staring up at the cliffs really was a sight for all the senses. Although with that being said, it was hard to steal away from the roof top pool that our hotel had.


I know it’s hard but try not to fill up on bread. Some fancier places will often serve complimentary aperitif in addition to appetizers, entrees and desserts ordered.

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