Pack it In

What’s in my bag?

As I am on the road, long haul and short haul all the time, I have figured out a pretty good system for packing and because I am asked questions all the time I thought I would offer some tips on what to take in hand luggage and what to put in your checked bag.

Hand luggage

  • Change of clothes
  • Sleepwear
  • Amenity kit for just what I need over night
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Ipad

The amenity kit is to refresh if I have a chance to shower on a connection or to just freshen up along the way. It’s also great to have it just in case the airlines lose my case. The change of clothes are for the same reason or if I have a spill or if like on a recent Delta flight, someone else spills on me.

The sleepwear is because I love to change into these on a long night flight. Frankly wearing sleepwear alows you to change back into your clothes in the morning and feel far more refreshed. Soft gel ear plugs are great to block out noise and eye shades so I am not disturbed while sleeping.

I also pack converters for plugs and charges and not just chargers for my phone and laptop, but ones that charge on the go so I can be out all day and still get a full charge. And one other tip, I also keep a picture on my phone of my passport in case I loose the real thing.


Checked bag

  • Amenity kit with Vitamin C to help prevent picking up things
  • Melatonin for first the few nights to adjust to sleep
  • A flat tote bag preferably with a zip for my dirty washing to keep them separate from my clean clothes.
  • Zip lock bags for toiletries beciuse if they spill your case is done
  • Always a tie because you never know if you go to a restaurant or event that requires it
  • Powerful hairdryer as even the best hotels in the world don’t always have the best ones

Now I also of course pack my clothes but I also always pack a swimsuit just in case I get free time. And to this point, I always pack sun tan lotion as well. I pack 2-3 pairs of shoes because feet swell and in that case there is nothing worse than having only one pair of shoes. And I also like to bring a fold away duffel bag so that f I go shopping I can bring my loot home without having to purchase another case.

One other tip, I always place business card in my suitcase just in case my bag is lost and the identity tags are removed. In this case, a biz card on the top of clothes will help to identify me.

These tips will help you make travel easier and more enjoyable but don’t get too stressed out about packing, at the end of the day your passport, phone and money are all you really need as everything can be replaced.

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