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One World Trade Observatory

As One World Trade Observatory opened its doors to the public on Friday 29th May, I was part of the lucky few who got a first look a day earlier. I had the opportunity to see what has become homage to America’s comeback.

There is always a fine line when doing reviews. The aim is to inspire and engage, without giving the whole experience away, but this is one review you will want to make time for on your next trip to the city.

Watching One World Trade Center grow in its final stages has been inspiring to say the least. As the memory of the 9/11 events will always be stitched in to the lives of every American, this building is the proof they have also risen above and grown stronger. With the opening of the museum and now the observatory, this is evident throughout the whole experience.

The view from above

The view from above

There is actually very little reference to 9/11 throughout the experience but rather small acknowledgments as moments in time that has only strengthen and cultivated a pride among the country.

This is not just an observation deck. A ticket to the 102nd floor is like a well-produced movie blockbuster from the moment you step in the door.

And don’t be sad when it’s time to leave the top floors, the ride down is just as beautifully choreographed and maybe even a little hair-raising. Lets just say you will know what its like to be a bird of New York City.

The “skypod” elevators take you up in under 60 seconds and once you get to the views, well the 360-degree panoramic vista lets you “see forever.”

Now declared the tallest building in the western hemisphere’s, after debate over whether the spire can contribute to its overall height, each level provides views of all five New York City boroughs and beyond.

Gotham is the city of skylines and One World needs to be added to the top of your list of places to see the magical city outline.

Open 7 days a week, tickets start at $32 for adults and $26 for children.

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