Thoughts You Will Have Riding the NYC Subway

Apparently the New York subway is the most effective subway system in the world. It runs a plethora of lines, runs 24 hours and is cheap as chips.

But for most New Yorkers, it’s a love/hate relationship. It is as equally amazing as it is infuriating and I have the pleasure of using this transport chariot each and every day.

Peak hour, which by the way if I didn’t know any better is every hour, can bring out the worst in us.

Each and everyday, the same inner monologue goes on in my head.

“Where the hell is my MetroCard?”

“I hope it’s not expired!”

“Success! I made it through without error.”

“Where is the train?”

“Oh look a cute mouse. Nope! That’s a rat.”

“Why is it so hot on the this platform.”

“To the person who gets in first and stops at the doors; don’t do that!”

“I will allocate only one hand to touch the pole. Which one was it this morning?”

“Eww, who just touched my hand on the pole.”

“Finally a seat, quick, elbows out, take that seat.”

“Dude, close your legs, there isn’t enough room on this train for you and your man spread.”

Subway sign

“Man this train is crowded.”

“This standing person’s crotch is way too close to my face. Don’t make eye contact.”

“Mister, I can feel you reading my texts over my shoulder, please stop.”

“I really should get up for this lady.”

“Omg! I never thought I would be so close to some other man’s armpit.”

“When was the last time this man showered?”

“Dude, you and your bike are not going to fit in this carriage pretty sure you are being ironic right now.”

“A/C! Feels so good!”

“Now I’m cold!”

“Aw cute. A couple.”

“Geez, can they get a room.”

“Man with backpack, every time you move it hits me! If you hit me one more time!”

“My stops next, woo hoo.”

“I can see sun, it’s oh so close.”

“Omg! Fresh air, back above ground.”

Steph_profHerstory is a weekly column on women and travel by Steph Ridhalgh. Steph is a Sydney born; New York based television producer and travel blogger. Not one for being quiet for too long she simply loves talking about travel and lifestyle.

Steph is the founder of STEP(h) ABROAD, a travel and lifestyle resource for those who love to be in the know and know how.

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