Migas’ “La Granja” Farmer’s Brunch

If you haven’t been to a boozy Migas brunch yet, where have you been?! Brunching in Beijing (and Asia in general) is a riotous affair with some incredible deals on offer.

Migas regularly updates their brunch offering and it hasn’t disappointed yet! From their last “La Feria” Andalucian Brunch to their latest incarnation – introducing Migas’ “La Granja” Farmer’s Brunch.

“This new brunch concept at Migas is simple, eat as you would in a small farmers village in Spain after waking up late on a weekend morning: eggs, bread, some home stew, roasted meat or fish…La Granja Farmer Brunch brings you some of the typical rustic “breakfast” dishes that you will find in different regions in Spain!

Spaniards have very abundant meals on weekend morning-afternoons, an affair with family and friends with a table full of dishes to enjoy. With this brunch, we offer the possibility to experience this “small Spanish farmer town feeling”. Regardless of the extent of your appetite, your dishes are all made to order so order as much as you please!

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch Decor

Eggs, Chicken & Pork – Oh My! 

Hearty meals that are inspired by the dishes that people eat in small towns in Spain, with a touch of Migas panache. Unlike previous Migas brunch affairs, there isn’t a buffet set-up for the starters, salads and desserts – everything is made to order so you can pick and choose what you like!

The bottom portion of their menu also features pre-made sets featuring all veggie dishes (Veggie Patch Set for RMB 288 for 2 pax), Animal Farmer’s Set showcasing their meaty dishes (RMB 330 for 2 pax) and their Fisherman’s Set with their lavish seafood dishes (RMB 370 for 2 pax).

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch Menu

Migas’ “La Granja” Farmer’s Brunch Menu Featured Pre-Selected Sets at the Bottom

While the pre-selected sets are a great value, we wanted a mix of both meats and seafood so we opted to just pick our choice dishes from their a la carte selection (top portion of their menu).

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: Gran Reserva Sangria (RMB 80), Bloody Mary (RMB 60)

Migas’ Gran Reserva Sangria (RMB 80)/ Bloody Mary (RMB 60)

We began our brunch with a superb Sangria and a zingy Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary didn’t look like the Bloody Mary’s I’m used to seeing as it looked more like a carrot juice, but it was spicy, had a strong flavor and a nice kick. Probably just a little bit too much ice and I have to admit that it was somewhat overshadowed by the Sangria which really is the killer option here. A really generous sized glass that doesn’t skimp on flavour, it is definitely my top pick!

If you’re feeling fancy, they also have “Cava” Sparkling Wine for RMB 65 a glass and Rossini Cocktails (strawberry, sugar, lemon, sparking wine) for RMB 60 each.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: "A la flamenca" with vegetables in tomato sauce and Iberico ham (RMB 58)

 ”A la flamenca” with vegetables in tomato sauce and Iberico ham (RMB 58)

Exactly what you’d love your significant other/housemate to cook you when you wake up hungover. This dish had the right amount of veg to help you feel virtuous, combined with creamy scrambled eggs and a little Iberico ham for the touch of decadence.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: Toast with Pork Loin Fat with Parmesan Cheese and Arugula (RMB 38)

Toast with Pork Loin Fat with Parmesan Cheese and Arugula (RMB 38) 

Next up we had shredded pork loin on a Catalan style flatbread. This one was a little disappointing – we were attracted to it because it was described as 五花肉 – pork belly on the menu – and invariably pork belly is always the fattiest, juciest cut. Here, the meat was a little dry, but a quick drizzle of the house olive oil made a big difference.

I might suggest ordering instead their Grated Tomato and Ham (a classic) or their “Escalivada” Roasted Eggplant and Pepper Toasts as I’ve had variations of these creations before at Migas and they were both winners.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: "Suquet de peix" Fish, Clams and Squid Stew (RMB 118)

“Suquet de peix” Fish, Clams and Squid Stew (RMB 118)

This stew is perfect for winter. Rich and hearty, it had a generous portion of fish and clams and the flavour wasn’t overpowering. If you’re wondering where the squid is, the chefs explained that the squid is diced into small bits and spread over the entire dish. Highly recommended, if you’re feeling the recent strong chilly winds, this is the dish to warm you right up!

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: Roasted Chicken with Beer Lemon Sauce Served with Vegetables (RMB 98 Half/RMB 158 for Full Chicken)

Roasted Chicken with Beer Lemon Sauce Served with Vegetables

(RMB 98 Half/RMB 158 for Full Chicken) 

For our main, we had the beer-roasted chicken which came highly recommended by the enthusiastic Migas team, and for good reason! This bird had some serious time lavished on it and it shows! The grand entrance with the table-side carving service really set the stage for this gorgeous, perfectly roasted chicken.

The meat really has been infused with the flavours and is superbly tender while retaining a crispy skin. We shared a half chicken between 2 of us and it would have been enough for 3.  While it came with a little pot of roasted vegetables, it was a small portion and I do wish they offered more side orders of creamed spinach, garlic roasted broccoli or other green vegetable options to help balance out this massive portion of roasted meat.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: Table-Carving Service

For dessert, we couldn’t just pick one so we went for the custard and the Spanish puff pastries.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: "Palmeritas de Yema" Spanish Pastry Puff with Cream

“Palmeritas de Yema” Spanish Pastry Puff with Cream (RMB 28)

The puff pastries I didn’t think translated that well. They’re a Spanish tradition that have a nice enough flavour, but didn’t really stand out. The cream is more like a super sweet icing on top of a pretty crunchy biscuit (not really a soft and flaky puff pastry).

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch: Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard (RMB 28)

The custard I loved. Silky smooth and with just enough sweetness, it will be very nostalgic for anyone who grew up loving custard.

Migas' La Granja Farmers Brunch - Table Seating

Migas’ La Granja Farmer’s Brunch Details:

  • Available Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30AM-14:30PM
  • Address: Sanlitun North. Nali Patio 6 Floor. Beijing. 三里屯北街81号那里花园6层.
  • Tel: 5208 6061
  • Website: www.migasbj.com

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