For Global Flavors, Eat Your Way Through Buena Park

The bigger the world gets, the smaller it gets. What a time for a foodie to be alive; when you can take one trip to one great destination, and yet eat your way around the globe.  Southern California is without question one of the most culturally diverse regions in America, and Buena Park can boast being a great hub to start your gastronomic journey. 

Here are 5 great international food destinations you can enjoy right in Buena Park:


Buena Park has one of the largest Korean populations in the U.S., which has attracted a lot of terrific, authentic Korean food. A great place to start is the Source OC, an outdoor shopping centre filled with various Korean food offerings, from unique hotdogs to Korean street food and of course, great Barbeque. There are more Korean food offerings throughout Buena Park than you can dream up, Gangam House for some amazing authentic barbeque, DPot for a steamy Korean hot pot, Somunnan Korean Restaurant, Baekjeong, King Chang and Yuk Dae Jang are great places to start, but you really cannot go wrong with the Korean selection found here. 


Sushi has been a staple of California dining for a long time, and great choices can be found in Buena Park. You’ll also find great Ramen along with selections from the grill. Ki Sushi & Sake Bar, Ozen Sushi, Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai and Sapporo Sushi & Grill are but a few to explore. 

Latin treats

Okay, it’s not one country, but it would be a shame to miss any of the great Latin treats in store for you here. From Cuban, Colombian and Mexican to Peruvian and El Salvadorian; a plethora of Latin cuisine is represented in Buena Park.  Isla Cuban-Latín Kitchen & Rum Ba, La Chiva Colombian Restaurant, Gaucho Grill, Nancy’s Pupuseria, Aji Limon, Cha Cha’s Latin are but a few examples of the spicy, meaty, and vegetable filled choices you’ll find. Complete with open fires, cosy bars and unique cocktails, these hot spots make for an immersive evening. 

American / Pub Style

American food can be defined by its laid back, easy style. Great burgers, fries, salads and appetizers that we know and enjoy across the U.S. of A. Diners, modern pubs and greasy spoon breakfasts. Comfort food to be enjoyed on a sunny deck with beers and friends, or a delicious and reliable go-to for the whole family. Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant, with its authentic recipes, Rock and Brews with its burgers and beer flights, Black Bear Diner’s comfort food, Portillo’s famous Chicago style hot dogs or  

The amazing mimosas and breakfast choices at Broken Yolk are just the beginning of your choices. 


China has over 30 provinces, each the size of a small country, so Chinese food can be as varied as it is delicious. Buena Park has a few top spots to try, including the ever-popular Fifty-One, a Chinese-Asian fusion restaurant designed to bring ethnic Chinese flavors to the west. Honey Pig and New Moon restaurant all offer very different tastes of China, right in Buena Park. 

These suggestions are but a small sample of the culinary offerings in Buena Park. And of course, many more food styles can be found here from Italian to Vietnamese, Thai and everything in between. As a vacation hub for Orange County, you’ll find whatever your palate craves in this distinct pocket of Southern California. Happy noshing! 

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