Making The Most Of Your Indonesian Adventure: How To Settle In Like A Local

If you’re head towards South East Asia on your next adventure; you’ll have probably already caught the travel bug, and will be ready to explore your destination as much as possible. Like with any excursion; you’ll want to see and do a variety of things that help you experience the area, culture, and residents within your location. The best way to immerse yourself anywhere is to do as much as you can to settle in, and live like a local. Understanding and spending time with the people who live in the area will ensure that you have an authentic experience, and you’ll make some incredible memories to last a lifetime. As long as you’re safety is a priority, and you listen and learn from those in the know; there’s no reason that you can’t turn a fortnight’s vacation into each day becoming an adventure in its own right.

Indonesia offers every traveler something to ignite their senses. Steeped in history and culture; the volcanic islands provide a home to a plethora of ethnicities and ways of life. You can go from a bustling city to a pristine beach, to the depths of an exciting jungle, all in one day, so it’s a destination not to be missed. Whether you’re craving wildlife, like the native Komodo Dragon, or you’re after some traditional music and entertainment, like the puppetry you’ll find in the capital of Jakarta; Indonesia will not disappoint. It’s crucial that if you have a limited, or set time there, to plan your adventure carefully. It can be easy to get side-tracked with so much to see and do. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that you stick to at least a rough list of the locations and experiences that are important in your trip. This will help to guide you and ensure that you’re in the right place at the right time to do everything you desire. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who are traveling to Indonesia and want to immerse themselves to live like a local.  

IndonesiaGetting Comfortable

After your flights and the rest of your transport; your accommodation should be the next thing you book or sort out. Whether you’re moving around the islands, or plan to have one base; somewhere comfortable to keep your luggage and rest properly will contribute to a positive trip. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to start looking into sites like so that you can get a better idea of where you can stay, and what lies within your budget. Doing this early-on will allow you to save a little more if necessary before you travel, or you could have more to spend on the rest of your adventure. However, you’ll never know until you do your research, so start doing it straight away!

Check out the surrounding areas of where you wish to stay; you’ll need to think about the amenities and the style of trip you wish to have. Cities like Jakarta can provide a base where you’ll be able to access transport with ease. This will make exploring the rest of Indonesia straightforward, and you’ll find it simple to find your way back to bed again. You’ll also have the benefit of having a variety of activities, entertainment, shops, and eateries on your doorstep so that you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture and a busy way of life. If the hustle and bustle of city living doesn’t appeal to you; head further out into a suburban area, or even the countryside. You’ll be greeted with breathtaking, volcanic or oceanic views each morning, and there’s nothing quite like breathing in all that fresh air to start your day. You can further explore your surroundings, hop on one of the hundreds of boats you’ll find between islands, or head into the busy cities for some shopping and fun, before heading home to the peace and quiet again.


Filling Up On Food

Much like any vibrant area of the world; Indonesia offers a plethora of cuisine, and you can go from a fine dining experience to tasty street food in a matter of steps. Therefore, it might be worth checking out some of the places you might want to go and try. With some many cultures and ethnicities coming together across the islands; Indonesia serves up an array of delicious food, and you’ll often find fusion restaurants and cuisine local to each area. Check out sites like to discover some of the dishes that you should put on your list, and try before you leave. Don’t always head to the talked-about places; look into where the locals head to when they’re eating out. Discovering tiny independent eateries will ensure that you get a true taste of the destination, and you’ll have a variety of food memories to take back home again. Try and pick up recipes and flavour profiles so that you can (attempt) to recreate what you’ve eaten on your return. Or, perhaps you’re in self-catering accommodation, so you can go and grab some local ingredients and start practising when you’re there. Whatever you do in regards to food; steer clear of big chains that you’ll find at home, you’ll have a better, and more authentic experience if you stick to local cuisine.

Have a wander around your local stores and supermarkets, and keep an eye on popular brands and items that seem to fly off the shelves; this is another great way to live like a resident and ensure that you fully settle in during your time in Indonesia. Before you leave for your adventure of a lifetime; do as much research as possible to plan your trip. It’s worth looking at expat websites, and learning about those spots, off the beaten track, where you can make some incredible memories. Location, comfort, and food are what keeps everyone happy and feeling like they’re at home, so focus your attention on those so that you can enjoy all the other things that Indonesia has to offer!