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Hotel Check In: The Holiday Inn Golden Mile

If you are a tourist and you are visiting Hong Kong, chances are you are going to shop, eat and be dazzled by the views. My favorite part of town is Tsim Sha Tsui. Nathan Road is a top pick as it is right in the heart of the city and shopping and dining is a step away. But there are not as many hotels in the heart of Nathan Road as you’d think. There’s the Peninsula and the Sheraton which I have stayed at but there is also the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, which always made me curious.

Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong KongI have passed this hotel numerous times and even walked through the lobby on the way to my favorite Tailor, Sammy on Mody Road. So this trip I decided to give it a try and I was truly impressed.

I had Club access which was funnily enough on the lower level of the hotel. It was very modern and boasted some of the friendliest staff I have encountered. They serve wines from 5pm, snacks at 6.30pm to 8pm and a really relaxing breakfast. The lounge has plenty of room and they don’t seem to over sell it. There is nothing worse than wanting a little relaxation time and a glass of wine but feeling that the lounge is cramped and crowded. That’s definitely not the case here. This lounge has everything you need to feel like a real club. I was on a higher floor and the rooms are small as they always are in cities like Hong Kong and NY, but it was very clean, modern and that is all I needed.

A trend among Hong Kong Hotels is to offer a cell phone which you can use on your trip. They called it Handy. This is fantastic for those of us not wanting to rack up data roaming charges. You can surf the web and even make calls internationally for free. Sadly the USA was not on the free list with this particular phone so I could only call mum and dad in London; they got a bit tired of hearing my voice as I was running around Nathan Rd.

Nathan Rd is a hub of shopping without all the expensive designer brands. It’s about value and features some excellent authentic restaurants. One of my favorites is called Spring Deer. It’s not fancy but it’s the embodiment of the real Hong Kong. You have to book it in advance but it is on the same cross street as the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, right at Mody Rd.

Daniel & Chef PauloThe Holiday Inn Golden Mile has a restaurant which is like a little oasis of Italy called Osteria. You would never believe you were in Hong Kong. Maybe it is because Chef Paulo is from Italy and knows how to serve up a mean pasta. There is a fantastic Antipasti bar for lunch and dinner with extensive wines and a pizza oven. It attracts not just hotel guests but locals in Hong Kong who want a slice of Italy, literally.

So all in all I had a very lovely experience and the value for money is brilliant. Hong Kong is an expensive city and rooms can be quite dear but why spend copious amounts of money on a hotel when you are hardly in the room?

If you know the brand Holiday Inn from the USA, this property will raise your expectations as this is truly a 4 star hotel.

I will be back for more. Stay tuned.

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