How We Made Our Small New York Studio Feel Huge

After three years in an amazing 1-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village and living it up in New York we realized we were doing a little too much living and not enough saving.

There’s a rule of thirds when it comes to finding an apartment in New York – it comes down to price, location, and space and unless you have the rental gods on your side, it’s rare to get all three. So unwilling to sacrifice location and the whole point of moving was price, I had to succumb to a smaller space.

I was positive… until I saw what was out there! Studios with no windows, shower in the kitchen

It was going to be a tight fit for two of us, especially with my closet (I hoard). But, with a little hustle, creativity and a couple of power drills, we were able to create a space, a livable space, with enough room for two of us.

I decided to sell all the furniture from the 1 bedroom to buy more space saving and fitting stuff. We were left with a mattress and my cherished x-bench that I found for a steal on Craigslist.

Moving into a studio with one small built-in meant we had to find a creative way to store out of season clothes, books, and linen among other things. The only way was to build up!

I researched raised beds with storage and came across a lot of bunk bed options. Not exactly the most sophisticated way to sleep for a 20-something couple. And then we found one made from IKEA cabinets.

Here is our little studio before moving in (really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it!)

And after

Finally, we have unpacked all the boxes as well as culled as much as possible! We now have a space where someone can be sitting on the sofa and bed and have his or her own space.

Bed Storage: Built from Ikea cabinets
Sofa: Ikea Soderhamn $518/ $300 on Craigslist
Bar Cart: Sunnersta Utility Cart bought for $30 and upgraded with a can of gold spray paint and marble contact paper.

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