London through the Lens

I am just going to put it out there. I live in one of the most photographed places in the world and there is a reason for it. New York has it’s own unique stamp on every corner.

Going to London was a welcomed change of scene, but she had high stakes to live up to on the scale of “photogenics”

We have all seen the hundreds of pictures of Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge but there are a few vantage points that will give you a new perspective of the well known landmarks as well as a few other sites in London that deserve a little love and attention.

These are my favorite places to take some beautiful photos in London.

Notting Hill

Portobello Road is filled with throngs of tourists on the weekends, snapping pictures of the small candy cotton homes and antique shops that line the long cobbled lane. You can stay on the winding road but you could also step off in to a back street and find yourself magnificent homes.

Train Stations

The underground tubes are great for slow shutter photos but it’s the old architectural train stations that transform into majestic hubs. Paddington station is a great example of this.


This city has a lot of green space; and I mean a lot! As in 47% of London is green. Plenty of space to take a pretty picture or two. Springtime is a real treat, with beds of tulips in an array of colors. My new favorite spot I discovered this time is Holland Park. If the colorful tulips aren’t enough, they even have peacocks wandering around the greenery!

Big Ben

Many tourists stop and take photos of Big Ben and Westminster near the Westminster train station exit. While you may get a fantastic close up shot of the clock you lose the context of the location. Walk across the bridge and down into the garden of St. Thomas hospital. Here you will have a unique view of Big Ben as well as the opportunity to get a bit artsy. The further you step back, the more perspective you gain.


English Pubs

In some respect, London is best known for its pubs, which have become the fabric of English life. Weather permitting of course, ‘after-work pints’ is on the sidewalk outside the pub! The Brits really know how to do drinks. They are scattered on almost every corner and do not disappoint visually with beautifully landscaped exteriors. They also have fantastic names like ‘The Hung Drawn and Quartered” and “The Bulls Head”.



Ok, while it may not be a tourist attraction, it’s definitely a must do for any foodie or photographer. Or food photographer! The savory and sweet displays are not only snap worthy but drool worthy too. Good luck getting out of there without making a purchase that goes against your diet!


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