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Keeping Fit on Your Travels

I have written many articles on staying fit while traveling. Most frequent travelers will say that it is difficult to maintain healthy practices while on the road and that it is hard to keep to a routine during travels. But there are strategies to help you stay healthy. Some you already know and some, I’m going to teach you.

First off, most people know on long haul flights that drinking alcohol and caffeine is a no go. Most people also understand that plenty of sleep is a must and that sunlight helps us adjust to new time zones. Exercise is also good to get rid of energy to help you sleep. These are the basics.

Well I want to try to give you some other options which you can use to enhance your fitness regime when on the go.


Don’t fight trying to stay awake to get on the correct time zone. When we do this we often get onto a short sleep cycle anyway and still end up all night. Sleep when you can. Then at night time take a dose of melatonin. This is a natural hormone which the body produces so the pill version will just enhance your own body’s natural process. Try to take melatonin for only the first three days. You take it at bedtime whether you’re tired or not and then you try to re-arrange your schedule (if at all possible) to allow yourself a good 8 hours of rest as sometimes it kicks in later and your body will need all the downtime. No looking at computer screens before bed, if you do turn down the light. The reason is your next tip.


Ok I am a sun-worshiper and I know Doctors will say too much exposure is not good but recent data shows some people can get cancers by a lack of vitamin D. So everything in moderation. However sunlight does help us get a natural boost and is a brilliant way to fight jet lag. It makes our body know when it is daytime. That’s why you shouldn’t work on computer screens or phones at night. The light from these devices trick our bodies into believing it’s daylight.


High carbs at night are not good. They release energy slowly and you don’t want that at night. Look for high protein and soups in the evening. Heating the body with warm food is a natural way to get cosy in bed, and non-caffeinated teas are also great.


We need energy and we can get all we need through food. Make sure breakfast is your biggest meal. Even if you don’t feel like it. This meal kick starts the metabolism. But again don’t do the high sugar cereals that only spike the energy levels. Take lots of fresh fruit, juices, ginger to help settle the tummy. Eggs for long lasting protein, nuts are great too. If you are home and jet lagged then you can blend a juice. I have 2 brilliant ones that will make you feel great. These are showcased on my menu every day at The Leaf Jimbaran resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Orange and ginger zinger

Blend peeled 3 oranges with the juice of one lemon and 1 inch cube of grated ginger

Avocado detox

This is like a meal

Come to the resort and try them out, you’ll love how they make you feel.

Daniel - Living GreenDaniel Green, the Model Cook is a Celebrity Chef known for his healthy approach to food and living  well. With TV, books, magazines and live appearances, Daniel spends his time helping fans to cook better, feel better and live better. He’s also an avid traveler and a self-confessed Foodie.

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