How to Up Your Zoom Game

Business is very different now and as business travel came to a halt, Zoom emerged as the platform of choice to stay connected and get things done. So we present the best 5 tips you’ll need to up you Zoom game.

Elissa Lansdell is a Media Trainer and Communications Expert who helps people communicate their best selves at work, in the media, and at home. Her clients include CEOs, managers, executives, and employees at every level and across a range of sectors.  As the Founder of she knows a thing or two about managing Zoom meetings. So we asked Elissa to gather her 5 best tips for making the most out of a Zoom room.

Built over a successful career in broadcast and communications, Elissa’s advice is smart, on point and perfect for the times.

The world has changed and so has how we all do business, so check out these tips and learn how to unleash your inner rock star and up your zoom game. Also feel free to ask Elissa questions in the comments and connect with her online.