Hotel Check In: Hyatt Regency Wangjing

Beijing is big, that’s an understatement. And it keeps growing, spreading out like a pancake with more dough being added all the time. One of the newer areas is Wangjing which is being billed as the new CBD which makes sense as many companies such as Alibaba, Daimler and Caterpillar have shiny new offices there. To keep up with this demand Hyatt recently opened the 348 room Hyatt Regency Wangjing, which we of course immediately put on our list.

Checking in at the Hyatt Regency Club you could feel how new the property is. It had that new hotel smell. The hotel design is billed as a being an urban forest. It’s meant to be a getaway from the chaos of Beijing. Our suite had a minimalist, oriental feel. In fact the use of woods and clean lines would be equally at home in Japan or Scandinavia.

The suite was well appointed and featured and understated luxury. The bedroom was large, the bed comfortable and the living room was well appointed. But the real attraction was the bathroom with a large soaking tub.

This helped to set the tone of calm and tranquility throughout. It also made the suite feel quite large and indulgent.

The hotel is quite new and still has some quirks. It was very quiet throughout most of our stay but actually sold out on the last day thanks to a large corporate function. You can see that company meetings and weddings will be important to the property. 

The HR Club had very good F&B offerings but maintained pretty rigid evening hours for cocktails from 5:30 to 7:30 which was interesting since the hotel’s bar isn’t even open yet. The Market Cafe was nice, as was the pool and fitness area.

The Hyatt Regency Wangjing is located near the 798 Art District and closer to the airport than Beijing’s two other Hyatts, the Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt. So while the surrounding area doesn’t have a lot of walk-able attractions, we can see the benefit of this location and as the area grows so too will its local amenities.

This is a property which will come into its own. The bones are nice and the service was very good so we see this hotel as a valuable addition to the Beijing hotel scene. If you have business in or near this part of the city or if you want to escape the hectic nature of the Chaoyang District then the Hyatt Regency Wangjing is a great new option.

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