Hotel Check In: Cobblers Cove

Listen up you North Americans (yes, you too Canada), the Brits know something you don’t know and they are enjoying it right in your own backyard.

Located on the pristine west coast of Barbados and favorite to some of the most seasoned travelers, Cobblers Cove, a luxury boutique hotel, is truly a destination in itself.

Whether you plan to stay 10 days or 2 nights, this old colonial plantation is a place you will not want to leave – with an award-winning restaurant, lush tropical gardens and stunning ocean views.

Absolutely no attention to detail is overlooked, from the refreshing cold welcome towel to the ‘his and her’ matching robes in the bathroom. And don’t even get me started on the pink pastel plantation decor with matching pink and white stripe towels and umbrellas. I discovered a paradise with a touch of Beverley Hills, a touch of French Riviera and a whole lot of Barbadian soul.

IMG_9898The beauty of this hotel is the warmth and friendliness of all the staff. The thing I realized about the Bajans is their genuine interest in having a conversation with you just to chat.

From Richard, the guest services manager to Vyril at the barman and Gregory by the pool they were not only attentive but gracious and always ready for a laugh.

Staying in the Ocean Front Suite was a highlight for me as I was pretty much gobsmacked every morning when I woke up to the beautiful view through the plantation bi-fold shutters. With all the amenities of a hotel, the suites served more as a home away from home with a small kitchenette, living area, bedroom, bathroom and outside deck. It was especially amazing falling asleep to the sound of tree frogs each night.

Originally a plantation house, Cobblers Cove was converted into a hotel in 1968, saving all the unique colonial style in each of the 40 rooms.

It’s a difficult situation trying to decide where you will sip cocktails every day. Pool or beach? Pool or beach? Luckily, at Cobblers Cove, you will be spoilt for choice as it nestled right on the water. My suggestion? Start by the pool on one of my favorite candy-striped deck chairs and mosey on down to the turquoise water at your leisure throughout the day. See, choosing wasn’t that bad?!

And when sunbathing is all just too much, take a walk over to Bradley at watersports and he will suggest a plethora of activities such as stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing and snorkeling.

Tip: Cobblers Cove are parents to a family of sea turtles! Take some fish and a snorkel and they will be sidling up to you like you are best friends.

IMG_0019People that know me know I avoid eating the same thing twice. I love to try different dishes and love when there are new options on the menu. The Camelot Restaurant put me in quite the pickle though because I was completely willing to go against my mantra after tasting the shrimp and daily catch on the first night. I was enthralled by the menu from head chef Jason Joseph and couldn’t get over how fragrant and flavorsome the meal was. Luckily, I was definitely not let down the next couple days. The menu changes daily, capturing the essence of island cuisine with fresh fish caught by the hotel’s local fisherman Barker, and let me tell you every meal was as good as the next. I ate at the restaurant or by the pool most days, but on the last morning, I decided to spoil myself with room service breakfast.

IMG_9969Only 5 hours away and on the same time zone as the east coast of America, one could argue traveling south to Barbados is more worthwhile than going east or west. American Airlines, Jet Blue and Delta make numerous flights a week to the island as does West Jet and Air Canada. Cobblers Cove is on the elusive west coast of Barbados, which is 45 minutes from the international airport in Christ Church.

There are some hotels where you simply drop your bags and only go back at the end of the day to sleep and shower. Cobblers Cove is not one of those places. Everything is at your fingertips; delectable cuisine, the choice of pool or beach, and impeccable service. Once I arrived I had no reason or desire to leave, especially when it came to checking out.

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