Going Global TV, Hong Kong


Going Global TV, Hong KongWhether you have an established or new business that is looking to create or grow a presence in Asia, you’d be wise to consider Hong Kong for either a satellite office or main base. With strong ties to China, and a great location in the region, Hong Kong can easily be looked upon as a gateway to commerce in the East, while also being a cosmopolitan city; modern, international and well set up to conduct business.

This city’s location, free port status, well-developed infrastructure and low taxation have made it an attractive center for business around the globe. Hong Kong is one of the most corruption-free economies in the world. A government keen on maintaining a positive reputation and Hong Kong’s Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) or both responsible for Hong Kong’s transparency and lack of corruption in business. Since it was founded in 1974, the ICAC has promoted a strong anti-corruption philosophy in Hong Kong.

Going Global TV, Hong KongThis is a region that encourages investment, and so has set in place the necessary elements to easily register and set up a business;  the Government of Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department is a great place to navigate the details involved in such a venture.

For those looking to grow a career in Hong Kong, this is an area that employs a highly skilled, educated and competitive workforce. Banking, finance, trade, tourism, engineering and communications are just a few of the fields employing educated workers in Hong Kong. A Visa or Work Permit must be obtained in your home country, with an employer sponsor, prior to your move to Hong Kong. People do arrive on visitors visas and seek employment, but must then depart and return to HK on the proper visa.

Hong Kong is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city abundant with restaurants and a great night-life, a superb infrastructure to get around and a welcoming people. A location ripe for entertaining, relaxing and doing business, Hong Kong is an impressive city to have named on your business card.