Healthy Eats in New York That Don’t Suck

take a bite out of the big apple

NY is a hard city to eat well in since there are so many awesome restaurants but I’m here to shine a light on healthy eats in New York that don’t suck. Yep in this city of amazing food, there are even amazing healthy options.

Temptation is Everywhere

Eating healthy isn’t any easier living in New York as this is a city with some of the best hybrid creations, authentic cuisines and pretty amazing street food. But if you know where to look there are some great choices. These local host spots will help get the new healthier you started on the right foot and they taste pretty damn good too.


Dangerous close to my house, By CHLOE is somewhere I never thought I would step foot in. I am not really into the whole tofu, kale food craze that takes all the flavor out of a burger. But let me tell you… this 100% vegan, plant-based and kosher certified dining establishment makes one hell of a burger. The ‘Guac Burger’ boasts a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty with corn salsa, onion, guac, and chipotle aioli all on a whole grain bun.

This place also has some serious atmosphere. I love the modern design with two hanging chairs. Oh and who could forget the kale ice cream! I know. I am a convert.

Just be weary of constant long lines of yoga pant wearing locals on the weekends.

healthy places to eat in NY that don't suck

The Butchers Daughter

Like I said I am less forthcoming when it comes to trying vegetarian establishments being the carnivore I am, but The Butchers Daughter is the kind of healthy dining I not only like but love.

This uber-cool café has an airy open style sitting and could almost be mistaken for a rainforest retreat.

TBD really is crushing the many stereotypes people have about how vegan food tastes and doing it in style. One can only try so many dishes at one sitting but from the looks of the plates going pass me, I will be visiting until everything on the menu has been tried.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Jacks was one of the first places I had brunch when I moved to New York and now it has become a regular in my black book of ‘go-to’s’. The SoHo establishment has a warm welcoming atmosphere with an American bistro feel and everything on the menu is a hit. So when it was announced they were opening a new West Village location only 3 blocks from my apartment, my purse strings were shaking.

Famous for their Green Shakshuka, a traditional Israeli egg dish, JWF give Middle Eastern flavors a modern twist. My favorites include the Chicken Kebab and the Mediterranean Breakfast; both are light in richness, but full in flavor. Finish off with the Nana tea. Traditional mint tea served in a tall glass.

The food is incredibly fresh and mouthwatering and unlike most brunches in New York and the States, serving sizes are normal. The biggest problem I face when eating out in New York are the sizes of meals and JWF know what’s going on.

If eating sensibly and healthy is on your New Year resolution list, then take the first step by putting down that $1 pizza slice and Starbucks double skinny soy mocha frappe-latte and get down to business at these awesome places.

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