A-Frican Good Time: Best Vacations For The Wild At Heart

When it comes to vacations, the majority of people prioritize beaches, all inclusive resorts, and five-star hotels. This may be more than enough for sun lovers and people looking to kick back and relax, away from their office nine to five. But some of us look for something else from our vacation: a sense of adventure, exploration, a taste of new cultures and landscapes. So where to head for an alternative vacation? A great place to start is Africa. The continent has something to offer for anyone. Beaches, rainforests, deserts, beautiful waters. Here are few of the best holidays for the wild at heart.


African safari immerses you in an environment unlike any other. You will gain the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness stunning, and even endangered, wild animals up close and personal in the flesh. From adorable little critters like meerkats to huge beasts like the majestic African elephant, rhinos, and hippopotamus. Not to mention Africa’s pride and joy, the lion, and gentle giants like the giraffes. All from the safety of a 4×4 driven by a professional who knows the best spots and times to catch a glimpse of any African animal you could wish to see. African Sermon Safaris offer tours in various areas. From Nairobi to Tanzania and Kenya. So whichever part of Africa you may be visiting, there will be a tour for you.


The Indian Ocean off Africa’s coast is home to one of the widest arrays of tropical marine life in the world. For beginners, there are options of shallow snorkeling through beautiful coral reefs which are home to seemingly endless numbers of bright and bold fish. This is less daunting as waters are shallow, you can see the ground and are within a relatively close distance from the shore. Or you could (quite literally) dive into the deep end with a full scuba trip. The array of wildlife to be discovered is indescribable, but you can almost guarantee spotting manta rays, whale sharks, and turtles. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a notoriously shy dugong.

Desert Tours

Africa is home to one of the world’s most famous deserts: the Sahara. So if you want to experience one of the most unique landscapes, you will be able to find on this planet, this is the place to go. Professionals will guide you on camel back through dramatic expanses of barren land, visiting remote villages and exposing you to lifestyles that you were previously unaware of. Surprisingly, the desert is home to plenty of wildlife. You might be lucky enough to witness snakes, scorpions and fennec foxes.

Rainforest Trips

As well as being home to deserts, Africa has luscious rainforests, mainly around the base of the Congo river. These green, leafy lands are home to stunning wildlife that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Expect to see gorillas, chimpanzees and rainforest elephants. Congo tours will employ numerous types of transport. You will travel by foot, 4×4 and waterways transport, so you will never be short of variety.

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