Forget Road Trips, It’s All About US Water Ways

There was a time when road trips were the epitome of freedom. But, with the constant reminders of CO2 emissions and how road travels can affect the environment, it can be difficult to enjoy the same sense of freedom behind the wheel as previous generations had. However, you can indulge in a different kind of travel that offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to renting a car or booking a flight ticket. Indeed, it’s time to wave your goodbyes to Route 66 and all the famous road trip tracks in the US for a green alternative using natural energy: Sailing. If you’re looking for a responsible holiday, using the wind to power your vehicle is by far the best present you could make to the planet’s ecosystem. Are you ready to discover the southeast coast from a different angle? Head down to Florida for an eco-friendly take on the popular south state that attracts so many tourists every year.

USSee the US from a different angle

Florida is a fantastic place to start your sailing adventure because it’s just next to the Bahamas, Cuba and you can sail around the state to enter the Gulf of Mexico. In short, it’s a great place to hop through different locations. If you’re not an expert sailor, you can hire a Sailboat charter with a professional team to get you through the waters safely. You can dayhop the Southwest coast of Florida to the Keys, by dividing the days between being on the water and fin stops in harbor towns and small islands. Marco Island, Naples, Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach are some of the highlands of the journey. Plan a couple of weeks to explore the gulf and the neighboring islands.

In the middle of the amazing wildlife

If you can only recognize wildlife because it’s in an aquarium with a sign on it, you’ll love the diversity of the sea life in the Florida Keys. When the water is clear, you can even see the coral from the boat! You are likely to meet bottlenose dolphins in the area, as they are residents of the Keys. However, try not to stress them out by sailing too close. Dolphins are naturally friendly, so while you might see them from a short distance, you shouldn’t try to follow them with the boat. If you choose to dive in the area, you need to be careful, as the waters around the Florida Keys are infested by jellyfish. While most of them give only a mild sting or none at all, you want to be careful with young children.  

USDocumenting your trip like a true Millennial

Finally, why not share your adventure online? If you’re using social media or a blog as part of your professional presence, you can upload exciting videos or photos about your trip. Additionally, if you’re a freelancer, you can make the most of your smartphone and tablet to go through some work while traveling. This can be a game-changer for travel, lifestyle and nature bloggers, for instance, as it might help you to attract a broader audience to your site.

USMaking your next summer trip nature-friendly, it’s the promise of sailing holidays. Enjoy the US from the water: It’s the best way to recharge your batteries and respect wildlife. For short trips, Florida offers the best of quiet time, explorative holiday, and mindful traveling.


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