Force Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone On Holiday

What are holidays for to you? Before you answer, just know that the generic and same old same answer is ‘to have fun and relax’. Everyone’s heard that before and not to say that that isn’t true. It’s just overdone when you think about it, because are holidays really for fun or for doing things that you otherwise wouldn’t in your normal everyday life? Sure you are overwhelmed by all the new things you’re hearing, seeing and touching. On the other hand, while you’re out and about, do the things that take you out of your comfort zone. You’ve come all this way, maybe even halfway around the world and you’re going to stick to sunbathing? No thank you is what you should say to that mindset. Some of the greatest things are going to need you to challenge yourself. Going all the way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower despite being afraid of heights is an experience you will never forget because of the view and the fact that you got over something that was hindering you.

Fears with a purpose

Getting over your fear of heights is one thing but what about adventures that make your spine tingle? Trails and treks that are either the tips of the mountains they are built along or man-made paths attached to the side of the mountains are such an idea. The Striding edge over the Peak District mountains in England is a trail that rides along the ridges. It’s rocky and uneven but it’s a great challenge. You keep a goal in mind and therefore you have a purpose to overcome your fear. The Mt. Huashan trail in China is not for the faint of heart but it’s perfectly safe. Young and old, tall and small all walk over the wooden planks and hug the rocks of the mountain to get from one side to the other. You have the most amazing views and since once you get on there’s no real way to turn back around, the people with you will help you and encourage you to finish it.

The pressure is on

Holidays are about room service, late night movies in bed, gorging yourself on snacks and foods you know you shouldn’t; right? Well if are looking for a challenge then the Nashville PanIQ Escape Room will put you through your paces. Normal life of work and errands is stressful enough so we don’t really go out and play such games. But on holiday when you do want to cut away from the boredom to something more intense and nerve-wracking, the red wire room that demands you to defuse a bomb or be blown up is just what you need. You must work in a team, find the clues and solve the riddles to one by one cut the wires in the correct order. All that you have is 60 minutes and unless your team can cooperate and communicate fully, it’s bye bye world for you.

When you land and get to your hotel, the night you rest is when you start to get really excited. The next day you’ll go sightseeing and eat until you explode. Sooner or later if you’ve been on enough holidays that wears off and you need something to challenge yourself with.  



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