To the Ends of the World


Modern technology has made travel easy. It’s not necessarily comfortable these days but it is convenient. We think nothing of jetting from Boston to Brussels or from Sao Paula to Seattle and in this rush to get from point A to point B we often forget about the joy of travel itself. Now that’s a pretty easy thing to do considering all of the petty annoyances and downright humiliating challenges we face along the way. Travel, unless you’re flying in Business or First can be a grind. But despite the hassles we should never lose sight of the fact that we can easily get to exotic destinations in the most mundane of ways… a simple flight.

This means that locations which were once considered too far away or too remote are now far more easily accessible and that’s a really great thing. We should embrace this, we should take advantage of this new renaissance in travel. But how?

Well the next time you’re thinking of a holiday spot, let the fates decide. Simply take out a globe, spin it, close your eyes and press your finger down. That’s where you should go. But if you aren’t quite ready to relinquish that much control then you can tun your attention to technology and trust your holiday to the gods of the net or maybe just a few chat rooms and forums. Trip Avisor is a good place to start. We also like the insights we get from both the InsideFlyer and FlyerTalk forums, and we’re always interested to see what the bloggers on BoardingArea have to say. But in the end all travel is a leap of faith. And that’s why we love it.


The real joy of travel in 2019 is that most people are only limited by their imaginations (and budgets) when determining where to go. And if you follow the strategies laid out by the points-obsessed bloggers on the above sites you may actually be able to secure that trip of a lifetime for a very affordable rate. So then our only real limitations are ourselves. Oh and the security, border and visa requirements laid out by different governments. We can’t help you obtain a visa to Iran if you’re an American but we can recommend a good private security company to help keep you safe in the messiest and yet most fascinating locations in Africa.

In the end travel comes down to the drama of exploration and the thrill of challenging ourselves. The technology has the changed, the safety and comfort levels have improved, and certainly the timelines have been dramatically reduced since the days of Marco Polo, but the same innate human characteristic of curiosity that lead to his travels still dwells within us to this day. Humans are a curious beast. That’s why we managed to put a man on the moon, why right now someone at Boeing and Airbus are dreaming up faster, lighter, more comfortable airplanes and why we love to travel. And I suspect it is why you’re reading this article as well.

So here’s to that leap of faith that will someday bring you to the ends of the world.




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