Dubai MosqueWhen chatting with any of the 90% expat population residing in Dubai, the response to the question “What is it like to live in Dubai?” is overwhelming; almost everyone loves the city and stays longer than originally planned. For, although Dubai is not a democratic country and definitely maintains some of the cultural confines of a conservative Muslim nation, the people of Dubai live in a clean, safe and dynamically modern city filled with all of the amenities necessary for a comfortable existence.

Dubai is a friendly, robust place filled with stunning architecture, great restaurants and shopping, beautiful beaches and a modern infrastructure. English is a dominant second language and tolerance and acceptance of all races, religions and cultures is customary.  Sheik Mohammed has gone so far as to create a Centre for Cultural Understanding inclusive of guided Mosque visits, an enlightening and enjoyable experience for the old and young alike.

Dubai BoatStaying in Dubai longer than the standard 30 day visitor’s visa requires sponsorship through employment or family ties, and if either circumstance is prompting you to make a move to Dubai, you have nothing to fear.  First of all, with such a high percentage of expats in the population, employers and other services are well schooled in how to get through the necessary paperwork. The system is set up to run smoothly and without corruption. Schools, transportation, shopping and other amenities are all available to an excellent standard, and have a variance of cost ranges that will surely fit into the pay scale of employment in Dubai. Even the cost of housing has dropped 55% (2008 to 2011), leveling off and creating a more affordable living atmosphere.

And residents, of course, enjoy all of the tourism benefits that have grown in Dubai over the years. From incredibly opulent shopping malls to an array of theme parks to private beach clubs, from cinema complexes and a profusion and variety of styles of restaurants, Dubai really does have it all.