Aviation in China By The Numbers

Aviation China Numbers

China as everyone now knows is a massive travel and tourism market. In fact Chinese travelers are now the world’s largest group of travelers so we thought it’d be fun to take a brief look at aviation in China and it’s staggering numbers.

In 2016, the government will invest about $11.8 billion USD on civil aviation infrastructure according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This includes construction of 11 new key infrastructure projects and the upgrading of 52 additional aviation facilities. The number of civilian airports in China will increase from 206 to 272 over the next four years.

And Here’s why Investment is Necessary:

Chinese travelers made 440 million trips by air last year and that figure is expected to rise to 485 million this year. The growth in air travel demand combined with low oil prices have helped the country’s major airlines record significantly higher profits. Air China has forecast a rise of at least 60% year-over-year. Currently Air China flies 72 international and 60 domestic air routes and have many more planned. In China, aviation is booming.

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