Americans Love Europe

The current US President may not like his European counterparts but a new survey shows that Americans love Europe and European destinations remain very popular with US travelers.

According to data collected and analyzed by Allianz Global Assistance, the top 20 European destinations saw airline tickets increase in sales an average of 26 percent from last year, nearly tripling the nine percent increase from 2016 to 2017. Three of those cities experienced impressive growth of more than 50 percent: Barcelona (50.2 percent), Zurich (54.8 percent) and Lisbon (103.2 percent). This upward trend demonstrates the growing interest in Europe as a holiday travel destination.

Allianz Global Assistance reviewed Americans’ travel plans* during the peak holiday travel season, Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, and found a 22.5 percent increase in total ticket purchases, compared to the same time period last year.

While the top five European holiday travel destinations for Americans – London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid – remain unchanged from 2017, each saw exponential growth in travel plans. Of the top 20 European destinations, Lisbon, Portugal saw the largest increase in travel, with an astounding 103.2 percent jump over last year. Lisbon also experienced the biggest shift in the overall ranking, rising from the 21st to the 12th most popular destination, bringing it within striking distance of the top 10.

Becasue Americans love Europe this can mean that European destinations are busier and more expensive. It also means thought hat they are working hard to appeal to a US audience.

London maintained its status as the most popular European destination among American travelers, and Heathrow saw a 32 percent increase in tickets compared to 2017.

Paris is still the second most sought after European destination for American holiday travelers. Consistent with the general trend, the number of Americans making travel plans for Paris increased 42.7 percent over last year, nearly triple the rate of last year’s annual increase of 16.3 percent.

Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid similarly remained the third, fourth, and fifth most popular travel destinations, respectively, with Amsterdam seeing the largest increase in travel (22.5 percent increase from 2017). Last year, Rome had the largest increase among the three cities (56.4 percent increase from 2016).


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