Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Those of us who used to travel for business miss it. I know that probably doesn’t have to be pointed out to most of the people in the Going Global community, but it is a fact. And as we all cast our eyes forward to a new year, many intrepid business travelers are really looking forward to getting back on the road, in the air o on the rails.

Hilton and Morning Brew surveyed over 7,000 Morning Brew fans and found out a few interesting tidbits about how business travelers miss traveling. 87% of survey respondents said they either sometimes or outright miss business travel while 40% said that they’d choose a job that allows them to travel over one that wouldn’t. A love of travel runs deep for a lot of people.

47% of respondents said that amenities were important to them in choosing a hotel.

A majority of respondents, 54% said that business trips are important to maintaining relationships, so that corporate travel is viewed as good business. But traveling for work is also viewed as a perk. What do people like most about being on the road for work? 63% like eating at local restaurants, 61% enjoy exploring a different city, 43% saw travel as a chance to work out, while 42% liked the time alone. Travel is definitely well loved as over 1/3 or 38% said they like extending trips after work to enjoy a destination personally.

One other data point which caught our attention is that a whopping 78% said loyalty was important to them and they agreed or strongly agreed that using point for travel was a huge benefit. We have to say we agee.

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