Valentine Libations

Our newest Contributor Cristina Carpio is a woman who gets the F&B scene. It’s in her blood. She’s been a restaurateur, TV Host and organized some very smart events. She also knows her way around a bar and so in honor of the most romantic day of the year, we asked her to create 3 sexy valentine libations that will make your special day a little tastier. Warning, these are habit forming. We have been trying them every day in the office since Cristina first submitted them. I mean, we have been testing them on our reader’s behalf. Definitely stay-tuned for more from Cristina.

Cocktail 1: “Green with Envy”


1.5 oz vodka
.5oz Chartreuse liqeur
2oz homemade apple syrup infused with chamomile .5oz maple syrup
1oz egg white

Ingredients for syrup:

Fresh honeycrisp apples
Raw sugar
Organic chamomile loose leaf tea


Green apple slices, organic chocolate


In a cocktail shaker, Mix all ingredients, add ice and shake.
Grate chocolate on top of the foam and add green apple slices to garnish.

Apple syrup preparation: Dice honeycrisp apples and add in raw sugar, maple syrup. Let it simmer and add chamomile tea leaves. Let it boil until the syrup becomes thick. Taste and strain, set aside to chill.

Cocktail 2: “Strawberry Popsicle Kiss”


6oz Extra Brut Prosecco
1 piece of strawberry lavender Popsicle

Ingredients for the popsicle:

Fresh Strawberries
Raw brown sugar
Organic lavender tea
Organic honey


Use fresh strawberries cut in chunks, add water and raw brown sugar and organic honey in a pot. Let it simmer until it thickens and add organic lavender tea to infuse. Let it boil until the strawberries are soft and taste before straining. Set aside and cool mixture. Once cooled, pour mixture into the heart shaped mold and place a Popsicle stick. Freeze.

Put the Popsicle in the glass and pour Prosecco. Use the Popsicle stick to stir the heart shape Popsicle in the Prosecco and allow it to melt so the puree mixes with the Prosecco.

Cocktail 3: “Midnight Dream”


1.5oz vodka
2oz Fever Tree Ginger Beer
1.5oz strawberry ginger puree syrup 2 ice cube molds

Ingredients for syrup:

Fresh strawberries Raw sugar
Fresh ginger

Instructions for syrup:

In a pot add diced fresh strawberries and peel fresh ginger. Add water and raw brown sugar. Let it simmer til thick, taste and strain. Set aside and let it cool.

Instructions for ice cube mold:

In a cube shape ice cube mold, add water, chopped berries and whole blueberries and fresh mint. Freeze.

Instructions for cocktail:

In a cocktail shaker with ice, add vodka, ginger beer, strawberry-ginger syrup. Shake and pour mixture in a glass. Add two ice cube molds to garnish.

Cristina Carpio is a hospitality professional, brand strategist, online writer and a Canadian television food and beverage expert. She is a graduate of hotel and restaurant management  and broadcast/journalism programs and has worked at some of the leading networks in Canada. Cristina loves researching the newest food and beverage trends and has received numerous awards for her work and community involvement. Cristina also has a column for a leading online food and beverage magazine and during her spare time, you can catch her hosting at a major event in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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