The Ultimate Mileage Run

Ultimate Mileage Run

As we come near the end of the summer and the start of the busy Fall travel season a lot of veteran elite fliers are tallying up their frequent flyer and elite qualifying miles to see where they stand. I know many in our community have had busy years so far and have already re-qualified at the highest levels for next year, while others are still looking forward to many trips ahead. But no matter how many miles you have flown this year, Emirates Airline will make your tally seem minuscule at best. A look at their herculean numbers and you’ll see they have been performing the ultimate mileage run.

So far this year, Emirates aircraft have traveled over 432 million kilometers since January 2016, the equivalent of traversing the globe more than 10,700 times.

A typical week sees the airline operating more than 3,600 flights, with over 96,000 flights operated in the first half of 2016. Emirates is the world’s largest international airline currently serving 154 destinations across 81 countries on six continents operating 252 aircraft.

The airline is also the largest operator of the Airbus A380, with 81 of these double decker aircraft serving over 40 global destinations. Over 50 million passengers have flown on the Emirates A380 since it began service in 2008. Emirates also operates the largest family of Boeing 777 aircraft, with 157 of these popular wide-bodies connecting Dubai to 109 destinations around the world. The Emirates Boeing 777 has flown over 226 million passengers since 2004.

We thought these staggering numbers would be a nice contrast to our own personal journeys. So the next time you’re asked by a fellow road warrior have far have you flown, don’t brag as Emirates is in the middle of the ultimate mileage run.

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