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If you are a nervous flyer, you may want to stop reading now.

The TSA is not particularly endeared by many Americans but I can 100% say with confidence I now take my hat of to them. You should see what morons they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis exhibited through their entertaining Instagram feed.

The feed is essentially a gallery of the craziest things people think it is ok to travel with.

It is also a serious reminder why we shouldn’t huff and puff when we stand in line an extra 5 minutes while security throw all our delicates across the security check.

TSA claim they confiscate over 40 firearms a week.

Really people… some common sense might be well worth your time.

From knives disguised as keys and hidden within Zimmer frames to a hand grenade found stuffed into a toy penguin, I give TSA all access to prod and poke.

Of course there are the many guns and concealed items but it’s the unequivocal obvious items that have me thinking ‘what the’.

If they won’t let you only with a certain amount of toothpaste they aren’t let you on with fireworks and grenades.

tsa 2The organization apparently uses its social media accounts to reach out to the public and dutifully remind them what is and isn’t allowed through ports.

“We’re just using a new mechanism to reach an audience with Instagram,” said TSA Press Secretary Ross Feinstein.

Bob Burns (known as Blogger Bob) is the guy who makes the feed what it is. Each week he reviews reports from some 450 airports nationwide, looking for the most interesting incidents.

Next time you feel stupid for forgetting to take out your normal size deodorants from the your carry on, check out the TSA instagram.

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