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A Trip Back in Time


For those in search of a European hotel that hasn’t existed 50 years or only lives on in rose-colored memories, there is one that still thrives. And it is BRILLIANT.

The Royal Hotel San Remo is a family-run business where the staff know your name. Where they love children and when you call room service for milk for a baby they don’t charge you anything because they actually care.

It all began back in 1872. A few decades later the Titanic set sail so you can imagine the elite clientele that used to patronize this hotel. It was real money that stayed here. They all earned their wealth the old fashioned way, they were born into it.

Even today walking into the Royal is like stepping back in time, and I mean that in a good way.

The hotel has not been a crazy modern refurbishment; instead it has the same bar, the same ceilings with florentine glass and the same rooms that are old and opulent. I have been to this hotel many times over the past 4 decades and it causes my memories that flood back each time as everything is still the same.

Well they offer wifi access and this seems the biggest jump forward

Apart from that you feel you want to go to the lobby and use a house phone to call someone in the room and not text them. You want to sit and have tea and long breakfasts as taking your time is a must here.

And speaking of breakfast, well breakfast is old style Italy. Smoked salmon, eggs, breads, pastry and fruit. Olives and sparkling wine too (although breakfast is usually too early for me to imbibe.

Walking through the lobby makes you feel like walking a little straighter and hold your head up a little higher. The rooms are marble and wood and have a feeling of elegance.

1_servizi3August is the season but it still doesn’t usually feel overcrowded or busy. Getting seats by the pool is easy and the views of the Italian Riviera are stunning.

A short walk down the hill to San Remo is exciting and this town has the charm of any Italian city. Saturday is market day and can get a bit hectic but it’s definitely worth the trip to find great cashmere and fur and wonderful children’s clothes.

Having a cocktail at the Royal Hotel San Remo is the thing to do. A kir royal or wine is bought with the little extras, potato crisps, olives, canapés and mini pizza which is nice because dinner starts late.

The hotel has offers when you are not in season but it does not have the same old fashioned summer holiday, unless you come in July or August. It’s expensive but worth it.

Nestled in the sea front an hours drive from Nice or 30 minutes to Monaco makes The Royal Hotel San Remo a real treat if you are visiting the Côte d’Azur. To go from France to Italy in this short time is wonderful.

In life people change, the food changes, shops change and culture really changes but this hotel remains a constant. The hotel is charming, beautiful and makes you feel like you are a socialite from another era.

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