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The View From Above

Filmmakers have long been attracted to iconic, exotic or just plain fascinating cities. The combination of interesting people, stunning architecture and a cultural heart make the world’s great cities a meeting place for artists and craftsman. Of course Filmmakers are also drawn by the cinematic look and feel of a place, especially the view from above.

Far more than your average traveler, Directors are attracted to a scene with a view and they’re inspired to help capture a destination in a distinct way. That’s why we love this whimsical, slightly surreal video from Pieter Manders called Bird’s Eye Bangkok. Using a camera effect called ‘Tilt & Shift’, Pieter is able to showcase Bangkok in all of its splendor. He captures the traffic and chaos of main streets, the calm and commotion of everyday life and the flowing commerce of the Chao Phraya river which is the lifeblood of the city.

If you live in Thailand, visit here regularly or have it on you bucket list, this magical video is a great reminder of what makes the city unique. He has a view of the City of Angels which will make you feel his love of the people and places which make Bangkok a city unlike any other.

Bird's eye Bangkok from Pieter Manders on Vimeo.

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