The Taste of Kashmir


One of the great joys in traveling the world is being able to sample the food from various cultures. Food is universal and it unites us all, and yet the differences, the subtle and the major ones, in what we eat and how we prepare our food is what makes life on the road so enjoyable. You get to sample other cuisines as they’re meant to be.

You see what we eat can either be a gastronomic delight or a gross indecency (we’re looking at you Olive Garden). And so travel is special because it allows us to really imbibe and indulge in the foods of the places we visit.

For centuries, Rawalpindi has been known as a base camp for visitors to the Kashmir valley, and as a consequence, came to adopt a decidedly Kashmiri flavour in terms of art, culture and cuisine. During the Mughal era and then the British Raj, Kashmiris would travel to Rawalpindi on their way to areas in Punjab and…

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