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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Halloween in NYC


It was my first authentic, festive, over the top, Halloween in the States this year.

This my friend is not a holiday that discriminates against age. Sure the kids love to dress up and go trick or treating in the streets, but New York City is the perfect playground for adults to take on Halloween and go all out. Because New Yorkers never do things in halves.

So where else would I go then New York’s longest running haunted house, NIGHTMARE.

You know when you are given a ‘safety word’ at a haunted house; you can expect to be terrorized.

This year for the first time ever, NIGHTMARE changed up the theme and delved into New York City’s own darkness. The creators worked off the horror stories and urban legends of NYC. Starting from the time of Typhoid Mary, gargoyles, and alligators in the subways to the new horrors of super rats thanks to Hurricane Sandy and haunted subways. I can attest to those rats. They are huge!

Small groups are let in so going with a bunch of friends is always fun. The creepy characters will guide you along the labyrinth hallways, including you in their story, breathing and touching you, as well as jumping out of dark holes when you least expect it. If you are a die-hard horror fan, definitely take the lead of the group for maximum thrills.

While it only last 20 minutes or so, the heart rate gets a good work out. There is something to play to everyone’s weak spots, from clowns, to claustrophobia to guts and gore.

As for Halloween itself, I loved how festive the stores and neighborhoods were, dressing up stoops and windows in themes. I highly recommend a walk around the West Village if you make it to town for Halloween one year.

And as November 1st came round, remnants of fake blood and old wrinkled pumpkins were whisked away without a trace to make way for the next holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have already started to see Christmas decorations around. Yikes

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