The Most Important Meal of the Day


Your Grandmother was right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and New York being a city with swagger has elevated this normally humble meal to epic proportions. So if you’re a Wall Street Executive, Politician, Media Mogul or Celebrity Fashion Designer it is almost mandatory that you dine in style as you help to rewrite the worlds of film, fashion and finance. And there’s only one place to do this.

New York is a power city so of course it has a Power Breakfast. The newly renovated Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue and their brilliant Executive Chef Dan Silverman continue the tradition of helping New York’s elite do deals over eggs with their modern take on the iconic New York Power Breakfast.

The Power Breakfast began informally during the dark days of New York’s financial crisis in the mid-1970s when Bob Tisch the hotel’s founder invited business and political leaders to The Loews Regency to discuss ways to help the city recover. This turned into a New York City tradition that is alive and well today. In fact under the renewed energy of Executive Chef Dan Silverman, the breakfast ritual is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. Every weekday the black cars and limos that line the hotel attest that this tradition is alive and well.

The backdrop to this fascinating dance of money and power is the newly renovated Loews Regency. The hotel is like any successful New Yorker; connected, well turned out and and very much a part of the city. Renovating an icon is never an easy task and let’s face it New Yorkers are somewhat opinionated, so John Tisch put together a team with some of New York City’s most talented design minds including Rottet Studio and Meyer Davis Studio Inc. and then invested $100 million dollars to make a masterpiece. It worked. Blending modern design with a clean and classic style the property reflects the best of New York. It has history but is clearly looking forward to the future and as such it’s still the perfect location for the seminal New York moment, making deals.

The Regency Bar and Grill is a great place to meet a business associate or colleague for a bite to eat before starting the day, it’s the perfect backdrop to close a deal, or if you’re just on a vacation it has some of the most fascinating people watching in the city. As one local insider recently told us, “In New York deals get done over meals, and important deals get done over the most important meal of the day… breakfast.”

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