Travel is Bliss but Happiness Starts at Home


Ok we admit it as we start to move into the holiday season our Editors are thinking about family and friends and how lucky we are to travel. But also how lucky we are to come home to a great country, a safe and prosperous community and how these blessings affect our well-being.

This recent study of how happy people are caught our eye. If you look at it you’ll soon realize those of us in North America, Australia and most of Europe are pretty happy. Yes we’ve got our worries, yes the economy is a concern and yes the future isn’t so bright that we’ve got to wear shades (to paraphrase a song from the 80’s). But in general most people are happy. And that matters.

For us, we love to travel, we love to meet people and we love to experience new cultures and new cuisines. But when it comes right down to it, we’re very lucky and very happy to be able to come back home to a place where we feel we belong. And for that we are very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

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