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Thai Down – The Best Secret Destination for Relaxation in Thailand


Hua Hin is one Thai resort area that many people are unaware of which is amazing since it is only a 2 hours and 30 minute drive from Bangkok. Is it special? Well it’s where the King lives. He uses his palace here as one of his favorites to reside in and so that should tell you something about how remarkable this part of the country really is.

In Hua Hin they have banned prostitution and so it doesn’t have the seediness of Pattaya or some other beach areas. No judgments, just a heads up.

There are quite a few varieties of accommodation. From the big chain hotels such as Hilton and Sofitel to the luxury spa Chiva Som. Chiva Som is in high demand as it is one of the world’s top Spas. You can spend anywhere from US$50 a night to US$2,000 here.

Hua Hin 2I found a marvelous retreat that I never would have found without actually visiting the property. It is called V Villas . This secluded resort has only 13 villas and each one has a private pool with service that is out of this world. it’s typically brilliant Thai service but even one notch higher.

Upon check in you are assigned a personal butler. He or she will give you a cell phone with a number that contacts them directly. They will do anything from arranging breakfast in the room to activities outside the hotel. Nothing is too much trouble. One thing I highly recommend is to have them organize a personal beach-front dinner. The food is not only fantastic but it is also very affordable for such a high end resort. You can stay here for about US$500 a night which makes it a great place to escape to from Bangkok. Now some of you may think this is steep but and keep in mind that is for a 2 villas accommodation, so if you are sharing this with another couple then it’s well worth every penny.

Hua HinThere are a lot of activities to enjoy in Hua Hin apart from the normal seaside activities of horseback riding and jet skiing. One of my favs, Elephant trekking is an experience that any tourist will take with them forever. There is a Monkey Mountain and some beautiful temples. The ride here from Bangkok is also very picturesque so bring a camera.

Many of the wealthy Thais come to Hua Hin on the weekends. It is like the Hamptons of Thailand. So please be prepared for heavy traffic on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. There is even a chic night club at the Hilton hotel that attracts the royals, but you ddn’t hear that from me.

The cuisine in Hua Hin is full of seafood choices and the local lobster is particularly affordable. Generally the Thai cuisine is fantastic. Madame Green’s on the beach has fantastic local fare. Don’t dress up but enjoy the relaxed vibe.

Shopping is not great in Hua Hin. The Night Market is a poorer version of Bangkok’s Pat Pong. It is busy and the merchandise available is unimpressive. Shopping is not a priority here but personal renewal is. The priority is to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. The water is warm and the beach is clean.

This is why it is so special.

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