Going Global TV, Taiwan


Going Global TV, TaiwanConsidering moving to Taipei? The positive definitely outweighs the negative when considering this vibrant, warm and friendly destination as your new home.

You’ll find Taipei is the most westernized city in Taiwan and the easiest city to navigate with its excellent MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) subway and plentiful cabs.

Apartments are reasonably priced, larger than in many other Asian metropolises and central to great neighbourhoods, regardless of where within the city you choose to locate. Convenience stores, supermarkets, a wet market and great restaurants will be virtually at your doorstep in every district of Taipei. Ovens and clothes dryers are generally luxuries in rental units, but can easily and inexpensively be attained.

Going Global TV, TaiwanEmployers must sponsor foreign workers and obtain work permits for them, prior to moving to Taiwan, and the region has been changing in regards to employment opportunities.

While manufacturing still accounts for a quarter of Taiwan’s economy, in order to maintain its competitive edge, this IT manufacturing based region is now focused on the development of its High Value Service industry. Taiwanese firms now handle much of the research and design for popular IT products, and the region continues to grow in the areas of medicine, finance, green energy and other high-value industries, creating opportunities in specialized and educated careers.

Densely populated and urban, many people don’t realize that Taipei is close enough to great beaches and the countryside to make short daytrips on weekends. If staying and enjoying this diverse and sexy city is more to your liking, Taipei is a culinary wonderland with food choices covering the traditional, the exotic and everything in between. Xinyi district is a popular favorite for cocktails, food and nightlife.

You’ll find Taipei to be a modern and enterprising city that also maintains its culture and traditional energy.