Going Global - Sidney, Living West, Looking East

Going Global, Living West, Looking EastSo you’ve been online-surfing the world, assessing lifestyles and business opportunities and have decided to move to Sydney, Australia! As a city with world class amenities, very near the Asian market, a business office in Sydney is advantageous in many ways. Australia has one of the most resilient, high growth economies in the world; accordingly, Australia’s standard of living is high in comparison to many other countries. The Mercer 2011 Quality of Living Survey, which compares 221 cities, based on 39 criteria, ranked Sydney as the 11th most liveable city in the world; and really, bathed in sunshine for over 340 days a year, and with a temperature ranging from 16-26 degrees Celsius, for the outdoor lover, adventure seeker or health-enthusiast, what’s not to love?

Covering over 1687 square kilometers and with a population of over 4.5 million, Sydney is a beautiful city with varying regions. Sydney’s urban region is broken up into thirty eight municipalities or local government areas. The rural regions just outside of the city are governed by five shires or counties; City of Blue Mountains, City of Gosford, City of Hawkesbury, Wollondilly Shire and Wyong Shire.

Going Global, Living West, Looking EastTo move and work in Australia one either has to either be employer-sponsored or have a good business investment plan that employs Australians. Encouraged for the 18-50 year old set, either of these options is simple to do and with the usual amount of red-tape and forms.

Sydney is reputed to be more expensive than centers such as Melbourne, primarily for groceries (close to double), but not unmanageable in range, especially when one considers that the average after tax income median is $4300 Australian dollars (which is just slightly under par with the American dollar). With a fluctuating 3% vacancy rate, it is important to get a realtor early in your quest for an apartment, although rents are not unreasonable.

Life in Australia comes with a long life expectancy, a high per-capita GDP, and a low rate of poverty. The language is English and the lifestyle compares to Western Europe or North America, with a leaning towards physical activity, a truly healthy lifestyle and fun!