South Africa: The Natural World At Its Very Finest

To many, natural beauty is why they want to travel. It gives them the feeling that they’re seeing a history older than humankind and a world outside our influence. But the chances to really see that are growing few and far between. Even few parts of Africa, that cradle of humanity and most diverse of landscapes, truly hold onto that natural identity. But South Africa is an exception. Here, we’re going to look at some natural beauty hotspots that each deserve their own holiday to help you find those truly wild gems.

A country dedicated to conservation

In a time when it becomes clear how important sustainability is for all species on the planet, not just mankind, we need nations like South Africa, one of the founding members of conservationist convention, Cites. For those of us who truly do care about stopping the constant despoiling of the world’s natural beauty, there are plenty of trips that allow you to get hands on with playing your part, too. Many trips allow visitors to play a part in maintaining ecosystems and learning more about conservation, doing their part to not only partake of the gorgeous wonders of the country but to give back, too.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

There’s plenty of reason to want to protect South Africa, too. Despite having only 1% of all the landmass in the world, it has 6% of all the world’s known mammal and reptile species living there. Places like one of the many private game reserve options in the country are the perfect choice to experience that biodiversity up close. Locations like the Karoo can get you closer than you would ever imagine to rhino, eland, wildebeest and much more.

A country of dizzying heights

If there’s one thing besides wildlife that South Africa is famous for (and deserves to be), it’s the plethora of mountains. There’s rarely a dull horizon in the country. There are well-traversed peaks like Table Mountain that even allow a convenient ride to the top. Then there are wilder climbs for the more ambitious like the kloofs of Magaliesberg and the geologically unique caves and valleys of the Magoebaskloof. These are cloaked in a nigh-constant veil that gives it the nickname “land of the silver mist” and makes it look like it’s jumped right out of the pages of a fantasy epic.

The most ancient human history

We should remember that once upon a time there was no division between man and the land around them, either. There are few better places to recall that than in the aptly named Cradle of Humankind. Not too far from Johannesburg is this region that’s home to 40% of the world’s human ancestor population fossils. A lot of the land has been carefully maintained but for the digs that populate the museums.

Mountains, coasts, wildlife, even the deepest parts of human history can all be found in South Africa. Easy to see why many natural world lovers consider it a must-visit.