Sleep Easy? Think Again!


When we crawl into our comfy hotel bed at night and Facetime our family or send an email to the office or even pay a bill online, the last thing we want to worry about is our computer’s security. After all isn’t that part of what we pay for when we buy WIFI at a hotel? Well apparently not.

This story is scary because it demonstrates how open and unprotected our online lives can be when we connect to the net from a public WIFI. And make no mistake a hotel’s WIFI is still a very public connection. Read this story and take heed, we all travel too much to let our computers (or smartphones) be compromised while staying in a hotel.

John Hopton for – Your Universe Online Luxury hotels have been the target of a hack called “Darkhotel,” in which the private data of business executives and other high profile guests is being obtained through hotels Wi-Fi connections. The security research firm Kaspersky Lab, who revealed the problem, said that it has been going on…

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