Long Live Lau Pa Sak: Singaporean Hawker Food

Time slows for no man, and Beijing too, slows for no man.

It’s just my luck for Lau Pa Sak 老巴刹 to move locations just a few weeks after I move into the building just next to its original home, south of the Canadian Embassy. When I first saw the original location gutted, I initially thought Lau Pa Sak was the latest casualty of the endless development of the city, but was pleased to hear that it had already found a new home in Sanlitun SOHO. A place I’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the years for a quick and tasty lunch, I went to check out their new digs and make sure that it still lived up to it’s old incarnation.

Sanlitun SOHO constantly strikes me as a place where hairdressers go to have children, who then turn out to be hairdressers. Somewhere in the mess, there are a few places worth visiting (One Pot by SSAM Korean restaurant, that new(ish), jam-packed Hunan noodle spot, and Jian Archery Bar) but they are never particularly easy to find. The same is true of Lau Pa Sak’s new location. On the ground floor, it is located on the south side of Tower 3. Expect to walk in circles because we did too.

Still in a similar design of casual dining, the new Lau Pa Sak is smaller than its previous location, but I don’t think people have quite figured out that they’ve moved and where they’ve moved to so you don’t need to worry about waiting for a table like you had to before.