Pride is Not Only For June

June is officially Pride month, no matter how you want to celebrate, we’ve got you covered. 

JUNE is Pride month in many nations around the world. This is a time to reflect and celebrate whether you are a person who feels your sexuality falls outside of the mainstream or whether you are a straight “ally”.  Founded in June of 1969 after a raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York city, prompted outrage and three days of riots. This movement has grown from demonstrating against the negative experiences inflicted on the LGBTQ+ community to now be about the ability to celebrate being yourself. 

The Pride flag is recognized around the globe, although it was created in San Francisco in 1978 when Harvey Milk, one of America’s first openly gay politicians, commissioned artis Gilbert Baker to create it. He wanted the rainbow to reflect the many groups within the LGBT+ community. 

In response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, in June 2020, InterPride, an umbrella organization that supports Pride celebrations internationally, launched Global Pride, a virtual event connecting pride organizations and online attendees across the globe. In 2021 many pride events have again been forced to either cancel, postpone or go online.  This portal is an excellent way for those still in lockdown to come together, celebrate and support. 

Some Pride events in countries such as Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand who have maintained control over the pandemic with closed borders and other strict measures are able to again host in-person Pride events. It’s expected that most Pride events will return to their usual in-person celebrations in 2022 as vaccine distribution reaches high levels around the globe.

If you are able to, traveling during Pride is a life-changing opportunity. A chance to connect in person with other cultures and climates while coming together for a common purpose, to celebrate the right to freely be who you are without judgement or reservations.

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the world’s leading network of LGBTQ-welcoming tourism businesses. They provide free resources and information for LGBTQ+ travelers including a well-informed list of global gay pride events, and there are many to be found. 

Many cities, such as Dublin, Ireland and Toronto, Canada celebrate the entire month of June.

While San Francisco, Brooklyn and Zurich, among others, offer a few days of festivities.

June 11 – 13


Jun 7 to 13


June 18 and 19

The Lisbon Gay Pride Village knows as Arraial Pride, takes place in the middle of June in the heart of this beautiful, ancient city whose roots pre-date Rome. And in Shanghai China you can enjoy one of the best Pride parades on the globe along with a Pride film festival!

Pride events abound across the globe from Munich Germany to  Budapest Hungary, Bristol UK and further afield. While other places such as Reykjavík, Iceland, Amsterdam and Stockholm celebrate into the summer. 

Although June is the month marked most often for Pride celebrations, WorldPride is a festival of inclusivity and love and this year it is hosted by Copenhagen and Malmö from the 12th to the 22nd of August.

If you’re a sports fan , you’re in luck, as this event is being hosted simultaneously with the EuroGames, held at Copenhagen’s local LGBTQIA+ sports club, Pan Idraet.  Described as a “rainbow colored party designed to exceed your expectations”, this combined event is called Copenhagen 2021: a combined celebration of EuroGames and WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö.

If your travel plans can’t be confirmed until later in the year, look online, you’ll find Pride celebrations globally throughout the year.  Include yourself, support others and enjoy a movement that we know will continue to thrive and grow.