Meet A.L.O., The Robo-Butler


Somethings are better without having to deal with people. We like ATMs over Tellers, it’s usually better to check in online than waiting until you get to the airport and who wants to go to the DMV to renew your license? But then again there are some other transactions we make where it is nice to see a person. A waiter at a fine restaurant is always preferable to a voice on a drive through speaker as an example. Most businesses are affected by automation, some for the better and some for the worse.

And now the hotel business is about to undergo some radical changes. What will they be? How will this impact the guest experience? Read on and find out one POSSIBLE scenario.

How incredible would it be to have your very own robot housekeeper just like in The Jetsons? While a fully autonomous robo-maid might still be some ways off, there are steps being made in that general direction, such as A.L.O., the Aloft Botlrs. Designed by Savioke for Starwood, one of the largest hotel companies in the…

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