Less is More


A couple of decades ago traveling was a big deal. We took everything but the kitchen sink. In those days we had to pack the right currency and traveller’s cheques, hair dryers, a multitude of power transformers and more. It seemed like everyone travelled with 3 carry ons and two large checked bags for a just a weekend getaway. Well not any more.

The airlines and their baggage fees and stricter cabin policies have seen to that. Plus new technologies and better amenities at global hotels have helped immensely. So today we all employ a much simpler way of travelling and that’s a good thing.

TravelIf you’re going on a short trip, try to take as little with you as possible. In fact if you’re going on a long trip, try to take as little as possible. That’s my best packing advice.

If you’re travelling internationally don’t worry about the adapters. Almost every hotel concierge is going to have an adapter that fits your electronics. Try taking your iPad or tablets instead of a computer. It weighs a lot less and in most cases you won’t have to take it out for security checks. With the right apps it does everything you needed – it’s your movie and music player, your computer, an e reader, map, video game console and more.

Also don’t bother with a hairdryer as almost every hotel room has one that is suited to the local voltage. if you are in a room that has an insufficient hairdryer, just call and ask the front desk for a stronger one. Most hotels always can accommodate this

Don’t worry about changing currency before you travel as almost every single airport has a currency exchange counter when you land. Historically I find currency exchange rates are better in the country of your arrival than your departure. And don’t forget that you should be able to use most ATMs.

Carry On Bag

First off always use a 22” internationally approved rollerboard as a carry on bag. And please, tey to put it into the overhead compartment wheels first to maximize that precious space. Some older planes or smaller regional jets can’t accommodate bags in this way, but if yours can, it’s better and more polite to follow the wheels in convention.

In your carry on bag you want to take your tablet, wallet, adapter, Passport and your ID and a few other things that I think you’ll find interesting. A neck pillow is imperative if you’re in coach. They make memory foam ones which are fantastic. Once you travel with one of these you’re never want to travel without it again.

Take a little toilet kit. This should consist of a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving foam, deodorant and any medications, contacts lenses etc that you need. Don’t trust this to packed luggage.

Take one outfit out your suitcase and put it in your hand luggage. This way if you have a delay or the airline has lost your bag you will have another outfit to change into. You can even have the hotel dry clean the outfit you travelled and rotate between both of your outfits while waiting for your bag.

I always bring two wallets on every trip. I place one in the hotel safe with most of my cash and cards and then use the other for carrying around. Then if something does happens all of your ID and your cash and cards are NEVER in one place. You have back ups. That’s also why I recommend everyone gets two credit cards.

Suntan Creams

They will happily explode in that suitcase damaging every single piece of clothing. They’re hateful that way there I think you should just spend a few more dollars at the hotel pool and get yourself a bottle of suntan cream which you can ditch it at the end of the holiday. This is much safer than bringing an older bottle from home.

Checked Bag (if you must)

Now my best and only advice when it comes to packing clothes is to be merciless. Bring half of what you think you need and then cut that back. I promise you, you won’t need everything you think you will. And if you do happen to be without something while you’re traveling. Buy it. What better excuse to hit a mall.

So that’s it, my thoughts on what to pack can be summed up in three words… Less is more because remember whatever you bring, you have to carry.

Happy travels.

IMG_1102Daniel Green, the Model Cook is a Celebrity Chef known for his healthy approach to food and living well. With TV, books, magazines and live appearances, Daniel spends his time helping fans to cook better, feel better and live better. He’s also an avid traveler and a self-confessed Foodie.

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