It’s the Future – Ready or Not


So what is the future of travel really going to be like? 50 years ago most people thought we’d be wearing jet packs, driving flying cars and traveling at supersonic speeds. The reality of life in the 21st century is somewhat more humble. Not that we’re not “living in the days of miracle and wonder” to quote Paul Simon. It;s just that the technical advancements have tended to come in way we hadn’t dreamed of and the bigger, more obvious ones such a robo-butlers haven’t quite emerged yet.

Still the world is changing, technology is advancing a a furious pace and clearly the industry we all love, travel, is going to change dramatically in the decade ahaed. How will? Well this report has some interesting thoughts on that.

A new report from travel comparison site Skyscanner provides an in-depth look at “the future of travel 2024,” and finds that along with smooth and highly personalized booking and transport experiences, we may travel in ways we only dreamed of. Space vacations could be a reality, and underwater hotels with hologramatic staff the norm. The report…

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