Hotel Check In: Viceroy Bali

The Viceroy Bali is unique on an island renowned for its beautiful resorts. The Viceroy Bali has truly gourmet dining, focuses on wellness, is set on a beautifully landscaped valley peak with sweeping views, provides relaxed but pitch perfect service and offers luxurious private villas with pools. OK you say, many Balinese resorts hit that level of amenity and service, which is true. But the Viceroy Bali has a secret weapon; the family that owns it, and this makes all the difference in the world.

Margaret Bainbridge, Managing Director and Designer, has brought her family’s love of Bali and her creative touches to the property. It’s apparent throughout and is what elevates this property on an island of excellent resorts.

Our Deluxe Terrace Villa combined modern amenities and a spacious marble bathroom, with stunning views and a private plunge pool.

The view of the valley below, the tranquility of the waterfall feature, the warmth of the pool, and the privacy of the terrace and cabana made this the perfect place to relax and enjoy after a long day sightseeing, while getting ready for a lovely dinner.

Throughout the villa is decorated with traditional Balinese art and design ethos, coupled with contemporary and functional elements.
Fine Dining is a bit of an obsession at the property. This is an area which General Manager Anthony Syrowatka has really focused on and it shows. Aperitif, led by Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken presents a tasting menu worthy of Michelin stars. Exquisite, elegant and refined, it’s unique in Bali.

While CasCades Restaurant offers a more flexible and casual menu, the food was stellar; thoughtfully created, beautifully plated and served with a relaxed sophistication. This is not the food normally found in a resort. CasCades offers a strong menu of Western and Indonesian favorites from breakfast, through lunch, and into dinner. This is a big achievement for Executive Chef Wouter Eggermount.

Additional features of the property include stunning grounds, personal service, opportunities to relax and enjoy the area, plus a well curated list of excursions and activities with private drivers and guides. 

The authenticity and warmth of the staff reflect both the Balinese way of welcoming guests and the owner’s personal obsession with perfection. Combined this make the Viceroy Bali a great choice in one of the world’s most competitive and elevated tourist markets. We loved our time there and can’t wait to return. We will be back to the Viceroy Bali.