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Hotel Check In: Sabi Sabi Earth lodge

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge is perhaps the epitome of luxury. Nestled inconspicuously into the land, blending with nature and respecting the environment, each individual villa is a sanctuary of comfort, design and refinement in the raw untamed lands of Sabi Sabi, an unfenced private game reserve which is part of South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The attraction for most is the safaris. Both walking and driven are offered and in each case Sabi Sabi excels at providing an authentic, safe experience. On this three day trip we not only saw the Big Five but also enjoyed watching playtime between a mother leopard and her cub and sitting quietly in the midst of an epic water buffalo herd. The professional Guide and Tracker were extraordinary.

But what sets Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge apart from other luxury safaris is the villas. Each blends privately and seamlessly into the landscape, each features a private pool where you can watch elephants graze while swimming, and each offers five star luxury amenities.

If you choose to paint, there are water-colours, if you want to relax with a drink, there’s  a well stocked bar with a fine selection of their own excellent wines and if you want to chill, there’s a lovely walk in shower and oversized bathtub.

The suite’s design is rustic fused with comfort.

On property an excellent wine list combined with a great chef and extremely friendly and attentive staff, insures that the culinary experience was excellent and the spa treatment was as good as one in any urban five star hotel.

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge takes a life changing moment like an African safari and amplifies it to a whole other level. It delivers the true meaning of luxury… a privileged experience in a most magical setting.

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