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Peak hour traffic in New York can be a drag! So why suffer the indignities?

A new helicopter service, Gotham Air, is about to make high flying affordable to the masses – not just the mega-wealthy. Forget a taxi, or even your black car service, now you can hop on a helicopter to the airport.

Yes I am aware how crazy that sounds.

After all how many times have your tired to get to the airport on a Friday afternoon only to sit in traffic for hours just to catch a 90-minute flight. Almost as crazy as catching a helicopter to the airport. No?

Come February 9, Gotham Air will offer flight services from Manhattan to JFK and Newark airports starting at $99 (for first time bookers) and while it’s not exactly cheap, its also not that outrageous considering a private car service can cash in at $125.

The best part is you will never sit in tunnel traffic again cutting travel time down from two hours to six minutes. That isn’t even enough time to finish your New York bagel and schmear.


“This changes everything about travel,” said Gotham Air CEO Tim Hayes.

“Our customers can go from sitting in a car to relaxing in one of our luxe choppers within minutes. We plan to bring a new level of luxury and convenience to people’s lives.”

While first time riders will enjoy the benefits of a $99 special to JFK or Newark, the one-way fare jumps to $199-$219. Sure it’s slightly pricier than regular forms of transportation such as subway or taxi, but still beats out other similar services, which cost $500 a seat.

And you still get treated with all the first class amenities like complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a car service to the terminal.

So it is it worth tapping into my inner millionaire (and savings account) to take a helicopter to the airport? Look, I will try anything once. They say time is money in this city so it might just been the only city it could be successful.

Flights can be booked by logging onto GothamAir.com or downloading the free GothamAir app in early February 2015.

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