Going Global is Back for a New Season on Amazon Prime

It’s 5 am and the sun hasn’t yet started to rise over the stunning landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey. The first call to prayer will start shortly in the nearby mosque but the Producers of Going Global are already up working with a broadcaster in China for a live update. They went to bed only a few short hours earlier after a long day filming and have another eighteen hours ahead them today. This is how television is created; late nights, early mornings and lots of travel. But now that Going Global is back for a new season on Amazon Prime Video, all of the hard work has paid off.

Going Global originally launched on CNBC World and earned a loyal fan base of travel lovers. Moving to Amazon Prime and adding a host was definitely a risk.

“Going Global built fans across the globe with its deep and authentic look at destinations and the travel industry.” says Cristina Carpio. “Stepping into the role of host for such a well-loved series was daunting but invigorating.”

Going Global travels to the world’s most iconic destinations and offers an insider’s perspective on the culinary, cocktail and cultural scenes. “Real luxury is about collecting experiences and that’s exactly what we are delivering.” offered Carpio.

The first two episodes profile some of the coolest things about Thailand and Turkey.


Follow Cristina as she sweats her butt off taking lessons at one of Thailand’s most admired Muay Thai schools, has an insider’s tour of the city’s canals and alleys and cooks with a Michelin-starred Chef before heading north to bathe and feed rescued elephants in Thailand’s infamous Golden Triangle.


Starting in Istanbul Cristina spends time discovering cobbled streets, ancient markets and wine bars before getting out of town to explore Turkey’s culinary culture, mountain cave resorts, ceramic making and the ancient “Fairy Chimneys”. Cristina tops off her adventure with a wind surfing lesson from a world-class competitor.

Going Global’s second season debuted on Wednesday, November 21 in the US and UK for Prime Video Subscribers and globally for digital download purchases.

To view or download Going Global on Prime Video follow these links to the TV Series’ Landing Page.

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K9STPJG 

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K9XM71H