Give Thanks For A Family Vacation This November

A family vacation? No thanks; I’d rather get stuffed like the turkey, thank you very much.

As a traveler, it’s essential to keep the experience sacred so you don’t ruin it. You’ve spent years perfecting the art of a trip abroad and you’re not about to destroy it by inviting the family. Arguing and shouting at Thanksgiving are inevitable, but doing it during a holiday isn’t. Some things are better left at home, a little bit like your relatives as you gallivant around the world.

However, there’s no denying that the fourth Thursday in November of the year is a family occasion. It wouldn’t be the same without the folks and the siblings and those weird aunties and uncles you never see other than around the Thanksgiving table. So, it’s time to face your fears and mix the two things you love more than anything else. Don’t worry because these tips will make sure (hopefully) everything goes smoothly.

Forget About Hotels

Regardless of how fancy they are, these establishments are still hotels and they are limiting. You don’t get to cook your meals or watch the TV while flicking back and forth between the football and the parade. Small things they may be, yet they’re the things which make the occasion special for most people. After all, it only happens once a year.

Instead, it’s much better to opt for vacation home rentals which are essentially houses. Then, everybody can get the experience of Thanksgiving while being away from home. The smell of the food will waft through the air; the TV will blare, and everyone will shout and scream as another touchdown is scored.

Plus, you get to enjoy the local scenery and culture of a place on your bucket list. That’s what they call killing two birds with one stone.

Ditch The Car

A road trip is where the majority of arguments take place. When the family is cooped up for long hours, they are bound to be breakouts. What makes it worse is the fact you’re trapped until you reach the destination, which might take forever. Well, at least it feels that way sometimes. The car is out and another mode of transport is in, but which one?

As always, a plane is the first option because it’s quick and affordable. Book tickets early and plan ahead and you’ll avoid the yearly hike in demand. For those who aren’t organized, head to the last minute deals websites and see if there are packages at decent rates. The bravest among you can wait until the day before and see what shows up before making a decision.

Other than that, the only option is the train. You can make the train journey part of the vacation if you like by booking a suite and experiencing the fine dining.

Choose An Out-Of-The-Box Destination

You want somewhere which celebrates the holiday yet that isn’t a stone’s throw away from the front door. The US is the only option because Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October, so they’re out, or “oot” as the Canadians like to say. What’s left is the whole of the USA, which is an intimidating prospect. However, it isn’t impossible with the right logic.

Firstly, pick a place where you haven’t been before, one which you’re not likely to visit any time soon. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to spread your wings. Next, look into the activities on offer. For example, Plymouth, Massachusetts is home to a life like remodel of the Pilgrims celebration of their harvest. Town people even dress up in traditional clothes and act out the goings on of the previous generations.

Other than that, there is Hawaii if you fancy some sea, sand and sun. After all, it’s the fiftieth state.

Remember The Inbound

Everything has gone to plan and you and the fam are having a good time. In fact, so much so you forget about getting home for the end of the holiday. Suddenly, everybody is back in the car and its rush hour traffic time in the city. Sadly, all the good work has gone down the toilet.

The inbound is as important as the outbound because it sets the tone for the vacation. If it’s a tense affair, then that’s all everybody will remember. Keep the end in sight and make sure you set off back home in plenty of time to relax before work the day after.

Now, all you need to do is figure out how to fit the turkey into your suitcase.


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