Flight Check In: Thai Airways First Class

Thai Airways First class

You may saying to yourself I love reading about Thai Airways First class but I can’t afford it and wouldn’t be able to justify the expense. but I think you can. On the HKG-BKK route there is an affordable way to experience the luxury of truly premium flying.

Now others may wonder why waste the money to fly First class on a daytime flight which is only 2.5 hours? Because it’s on Thai and it’s worth it.

Here is my justification and why it is worth it to me and when see what you get for your money It hink you’ll agree.

Thai Airways only has 2 flights a day that offer First to Bangkok from Hong Kong. They use a classic 747 with their long-haul cabin that’s in the nose of the plane with a 1-2-1 configuration unless you are in row 1 and 2 as then it’s just 1-1.

You may pay about $400 more than economy for a one way or only $200 more than business. So, let’s add this up and see if the savings are there to justify the splurge.

First class check in at terminal 2 comes with additional baggage allowance. Let’s cost that $50.

Then Thai Airways has a separate First class lounge, so you can enjoy a good cocktail or 2 and food. Let’s cost that another $50.

Dom Pérignon is served on the plane so if you have a few glasses that would cost about $100.

Food on Thai is very good. On such a short flight I had 2 canapés, a starter of smoked tuna, personal bread basket, a main course of buttered salmon that was beautifully cooked. It was pink on the inside but seared on the out. Very impressive as I know the constraints in cooking at 30,000 feet. It had some mash potatoes and edamame on the side. Very well done. I declined the dessert and cheese. Again, really a top First class service on a very short flight.

Thai First classYou cannot find this kind of service on short haul anywhere else than Asia. Europe never does this nor does North America.

Then best of all and in fact for me is priceless is the meet and great at Bangkok airport. First class passengers are met in a buggy and taken through immigration, a personal porter to carries your hand luggage and gets your check in bags and takes you through customs. This isn’t an expensive service at $20 but it is hugely valuable.

There are not many airlines that usher you through immigration. Thai is one of the few at Bangkok airport. Some airports you can request but you need to pay for that. Lufthansa is known for this service in Frankfurt and Munich, El Al and Swiss.

Adding up these First class perks I think the extra spend makes sense. If you look at it conservatively, you can really justify the extra and indulge in Thai hospitality at its best. So for me it is well worth flying like a movie star, even if it’s just for 2.5 hours. And for those of you that don’t want to spend $10,000 plus on First class travel, here is one way to try it on a budget and indulge in Thai Airways First class.

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