Dubai Play

Dubai Shopping CartierWhether you’re on a business stop-over with a few hours to spare or a full-fledged vacation, Dubai is a destination of fun for everyone.  And if you choose to get there on the new Emirates A380 the enjoyment can start upon departure. The luxury of hanging in the lounge area of the Emirates A380 as you jet across the oceans, destination Dubai, can’t be beat. If you’re not flying business or first class, the food quality and on board entertainment will still make for an enjoyable trip.

Arriving in Dubai one immediately notices the ease in getting around; whether it be taking the kids around the city on the top-of-the-line Dubai Metro train, or whisking off for a romantic dinner for two in the excellent cab services, transport around the city is easy.
While the Jumeirah chain of hotels is renowned in the city with notable properties such as the Emirates Towers and Burj al Arab; Dubai is filled with many luxury hotels such as the Shangri La, a five star property with an excellent array of restaurants from Moroccan food to Vietnamese.

Dubai Jumeirah Emirates TowersThe Hotel is directly linked to Kandy Nightclub, one of Dubai’s premiere night spots, complete with DJ’s and an airy outdoor vibe.  Alcohol service is strictly linked to hotels only and doesn’t start until 6:00 PM, however, the hotel food, beverage and club venues are typically of outstanding quality.

During the day the activities are endless, from extreme shopping to theme parks and beaches. For those that enjoy shopping as a hobby, the Dubai Mall is one of the largest in the world, housing everything from Bloomingdales to typical Arabic fare, and every major designer in between. If you have the kids along, stop and enjoy the immense aquarium right in the mall or perhaps the cinema or ice skating is a preferred shopping break. At dusk catch the fantastic light and water show right outside the mall at the Dubai Fountain; surrounded by restaurants and seating, it’s a great way to relax.  A day at the beach or taking a double-decker bus tour around the city are other great options for ‘’shopping recovery”. No matter what your interest or age group, Dubai has something fantastic in store for you.